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KAS Program


Ash has created the only KAS Program in the world created under the guidance and teachings of his Guru ji, Shri Krushna ji.  Please feel free to request the latest version of KAS Program by clicking the link below.  The KAS Program is a completely Free program.  Once the KAS Program is requested a copy of the program will be sent via email.  Enjoy learning KAS.

Astrology Reports Pricing

Powerful, Focussed & Insightful Astrology Reports

  • Software - KAS Program
  • eLearning KAS - Udemy KAS Courses
  • 1 Year Overall Report - Knowledge & Learning, Relationship, Career, Wealth, Finances & Health
  • 1 Year Detailed Career Report
  • 1 Year Detailed Love / Relationship Report
  • 1 Year Detailed $Money Matters$ Report
  • 1 Year Detailed Marriage Report
  • 1 Year Child / Progeny Report

Astrology Reports

Powerful & Insightful KAS Astrology Reports - Whole New Dimension in Astrology

Personal Consultation Services

If speaking to Ash about your issues works best for you, no worries, go ahead and contact Ash

Specific Question

This reading is for those who need clarity or are facing a dilemma or standing on a cross road of life and don’t know which direction to go or is a big decision is looming that you need an astrological opinion? or are you facing constant issues and challenges and need to understand why and for how long would that continue till favourable winds start to blow in your direction?  If so, then this reading is for you.


Benefit:  This is an extremely focussed reading and Ash will study the question asked and will look at the current and upcoming dasha, transits and special transits of Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu that can cause a lot of hardships if transiting a house that is weak and after considering all these points and will provide his astrological opinion on the question.


Short Consultation ~ 30 Minutes – $99


Regular Consultation ~ 60 Minutes – $175

KAS Yearly Forecast Report

Your Yearly Forecast Astrology Report is a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) report that is based on the powerful system of Krushna’s Ashtakavarga System and this report will shed light on month by month basis, along with Transits and Cautions and Alerts for 12 months.  The following areas of life will be covered in this report and these are as follows:


Knowledge & LearningResearch Work, Certificate & Vocational Studies, Graduate Studies, Post Graduate / Doctorate Studies

RelationshipsFamily Relationship, Romantic Relationship, Marital Relationship

CareerInitiatives, Job, Authority, Income / Success

WealthLong Term Wealth, Assets, Intellectual Property Assets

FinancesSelf Earned Income, Income/Loss from long term investments, Income/Loss from Speculations, Income/Loss from Intellectual Properties

HealthOverall Health, Health Improvement, Environment, Stress

Transits ReportEffect of Environment & Mental State of Mind – Daily Transits, Extreme Malefic Transits (Sade Sati, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Sun), Environment (Conducive / Non-Conducive) and Stressful Days in each month

Benefits:  Its always a good idea to step in your new year armed and prepared with the knowledge of the art of possibility in the upcoming year.  This will enable you to work hard to make the most of the good times and be prepared with a mitigation plan to manage the difficult times with a smile on your face.


KAS Yearly Forecast Report + 20 Minutes Report Consultation – $95

Birth Chart Reading

This reading is for those who would like to get an overview of their karmic footprint in this journey of life.  The moment of conception, life is infused and the destiny of a native is fixed.  This reading will explain based on the birth chart their nature, brilliance, strengths and weaknesses, qualities of perseverance, courage and resolve.
It will also show how successful and the level a native can rise in life, their vocational inclination, their inclination towards job or business and their inherent nature.  It will also show the areas where the native needs to put in extra effort, their relationships, love, marriage, travels, spiritual potentials, health, vigour and vitality, what disease they might be prone to and periods of ups and downs.

The questions asked during this session by my clients will also throw light on the matters to focus the light of Jyotish (Jyot=light and Ish=God) to areas that require clarity.


Benefit of this reading is that once a person begins to understand SELF, their Dharma (Duty), Artha (Meaning or purpose of their being), Karma (Actions) will lead to Moksha (Eternal Happiness).  This reading will be the beginning of your journey towards Moksha.

Duration ~ 60 Minutes – $175


Relationship Issues:
If you are facing a low period in your relationship or feeling that you are just not connecting with your partner, is it a temporary phase or are you heading towards a divorce or a break up?  Find out if you and your partners chart match up based on the laws of KAS system.  Its can just be a case where the transits are causing an issue or it can be stress that a partner is facing and is unable to express or are difficult times or is the matter grave and heading down a path of a messy divorce disrupting finances and causing stressful effect on children and family and bitterness that might have a negative effect on your professional front and may lead down the path of depression?


Matching Charts for Marriage

Matching of chart is a powerful tool that has been used for centuries to search for a partner that compliment each other so that marriage is fruitful and there is happiness and love between the couple as they grow old together.  In today’s modern day and age where both couples work, face stressful situation of paying their mortgage their car payments, children education costs, long working hours, work stress, long commutes etc.  All these stressful situations add up to a point where it may start to affect marriage.  A harmonious and happy marriage might help when a couple can talk about their day or handle situations together as a couple and not start to drift apart.

Benefit of this reading is that Ash will study both charts from several points of reference to get a deep understanding of things that matter in the modern day and age and based on the country and their practices.  The in depth study will cover  communication, education, professional status and growth, finances, the attitude of both partners in marriage, their ego, inherent nature, brilliance, resolve, courage, strength, addictive tendencies, independence and interdependence, progeny, friendship and attraction between them.

Duration ~ 60 Minutes – $175.



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