October 23, 2016

M. F. Husain Chart – How to read a chart using KAS




Dear Readers,

Krushna’s Ashtakavarga System involves a lot of calculation and can seem daunting to a lot of astrologers if they were to do these calculations manually.  It reminded me of my Guru ji telling me that, without the KAS Program, it took on an average 3 days to manually create all the calculations that were needed for a detailed prediction.

Today, I have created the KAS Program, based on the teaching of my Guru ji.  The tedious calculations to compute the Total Ashtakavarga Power of all the planets for all 12 house of the chart and subsequently for all 12 house in all the 16 divisional charts along with the Nadi Calculations.

I have taken the chart of M. F. Husain to demonstrate how we used KAS for a detailed analysis using this powerful system of KAS – Krushna’s Ashtakavarga System.


Please download the detailed analysis using the link.

How to read a chart using KAS – Solving M. F. Husain Chart

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