October 23, 2016

Nadi Prashna using KAS System




Krushna’s Ashtakavarga System can be applied extremely effectively to answer questions posed by a querist which is called Prashna or a Question in Sanskrit.

In Krushna’s Asktakavarga System or KAS, the basic theory at its core is that we go by the “Conception” time of the Question i.e when the “Question” was born in the mind and this is akin to the conception time of a child.  When the Question is asked, that is akin to the “birth of child”.  KAS goes by the conception time and gives it prime importance.

In most cases one does not remember the exact time the question was conceived in the mind, we in KAS system as a Nadi number between 1 and 1800.  This are the total number of Nadi’s.  Donna has given me a number of 11.  This was entered in the KAS Program and a chart was created along with KAS power.

The question asked was when would Donna’s Daughter get a new job?

Using Nadi Prasha, I answered the question and as per the Prashna, Donna’s Daughter got the question exactly as predicted.

If interested to find out the calculation behind the prediction please download the article.

KAS Nadi Prashna – Accurate Prediction Explained

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