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KAS – Yearly Forecast Report


 Your Yearly Forecast Astrology Report is a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) report that is based on the powerful system of Krushna’s Ashtakavarga System and this report will shed light on month by month basis, along with Transits and Cautions and Alerts for 12 months.  The following areas of life will be covered in this report and these are as follows:
  • Knowledge & LearningResearch Work, Certificate & Vocational Studies, Graduate Studies, Post Graduate / Doctorate Studies
  • RelationshipsFamily Relationship, Romantic Relationship, Marital Relationship
  • CareerInitiatives, Job, Authority, Income / Success
  • WealthLong Term Wealth, Assets, Intellectual Property Assets
  • FinancesSelf Earned Income, Income/Loss from long term investments, Income/Loss from Speculations, Income/Loss from Intellectual Properties
  • HealthOverall Health, Health Improvement, Environment, Stress
  • Transits ReportEffect of Environment & Mental State of Mind – Daily Transits, Extreme Malefic Transits (Sade Sati, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Sun), Environment (Conducive / Non-Conducive) and Stressful Days in each month

Benefits of Yearly Forecast Astrology Report

  • It will highlight on a month by month basis the areas of life which will fare well or will face challenges with the quantum.
  • The report will alert the months where one will face extremely challenging transits so that one is armed with the knowledge and be prepared
  • The report will also highlight trends for each of the areas of life.
  • The reports are presented in a visualized form which is amazing and never before seen graphics making it easy to identify the key areas where one needs to focus their attention on.

I have any questions or need further insights after receiving the report what should I do ?

  • As the name suggests, this is a Report Only option and no additional support in terms of clarification or further insights is provided.
  • If one is looking for a Report + Special Expert Insights from Ash personally, in that case please book KAS Report with Consultation.  It is always good to get expert insights from Ash.

How do I Order the KAS Yearly Forecast Report?

KAS Yearly Forecast Report Only Form

KAS Reports Data Form



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