Course : Vedic Astrology – Introduction to the KAS Program



Vedic Astrology – Introduction to the KAS Program


The KAS Program is a Free Vedic Astrology program that has been specifically created for Krushna Ashtakavarga System (KAS). You can register for the course called Vedic Astrology – Introduction to the KAS Program



 This course has been designed to introduce the students to this unique Ashtakavarga System (KAS)and will walk them though all the functionality and navigations that the KAS Program offers.



By the end of the course, the aim is for students to get familiar to download and install the KAS Program and be extremely comfortable to use this program to cast birth charts or Prashna (Horary) charts and get it to a point where the astrologer can begin to study the chart and make predictions.



 Ensure that the KAS Program has been installed prior to starting the course.  The free KAS Program can be requested from Ash’s website at




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