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Hello. My name is Elijah “Ash” Nagawkar and I am a Vedic Astrologer, specializing in the powerful system of KAS for over 20 years now. I was born on the coast of Mumbai, and currently live in Vancouver with my wife and two children. My goal is to provide consultation and education to those who seek this knowledge by various means such as reports, readings, YouTube videos, Patreon content, and Udemy courses.


Our focus.

Astrology Consultation

A personal reading with Ash providing guidance on their birth chart, and addressing their questions and concerns about their chart.

Free and Premium

Free and Premium videos, blogs, podcasts, Patreon content, Udemy courses, and Youtube videos going over Astrology and the KAS System


A public discussion group platform for the KAS enthusiasts to learn and discuss Vedic Astrology's KAS System, and obtain the free KAS Program.

Peace of Mind

A comprehensive report to provide a full view of any impending or malefic transits and any areas to watch out for in the upcoming year.

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Our team.

Minds behind this creation.
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Elijah "Ash" Nagawkar PMP, PMI-ACP, ITIL, OCP, B.E

Founder & Astrologer

Nissim Nagawkar

CTO, Video & Website Editor

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Consultation Process

Understanding the process of booking a reading with Ash

Preliminary Meeting

Once a consultation is booked, Ash will have a conversation with his clients to understand what they are looking for.  He will guide them on the next steps if he feels he can help them. 


Session Confirmation

Based on his preliminary findings he will book and confirm a session time of when he will provide the astrology reading.  He will try his best to provide his reading within 1 week.    


Session Preparation

With the data gathered in the preliminary meeting , Ash will study the birth chart and will contact the client if he requires any further information.  


Vedic Astrology Reading

Ash will conduct the personal reading and share his findings and provide his guidance’s required based on his 20+ years of experience.   


Pricing Table.

Schedule a meeting with Ash : +1 (604) 719 8805


30 min

  • US dollars
  • Specific Question Consultation
  • Follow Up Reading
  • Marriage & Relationship Questions
  • Career and Finance Questions
  • Health Related Questions
Premium Consultation


60 min

  • US dollars
  • Multiple Question Consultation
  • Natal Birth Chart Reading
  • Marriage & Compatibility Reading
  • Love & Relationship Reading
  • Karmic Footprint
Peace of Mind Report


1 year report

  • US Dollars
  • Sade-Sati 7.5 years of Saturn Transit
  • Mars Transit
  • Rahu Transit
  • Ketu Transit
  • Extreme Malefic Transit Highlights
  • Excellent Benefic Transit Highlights
Vedic Astrology - KAS Premium Content Pledge



  • Pledge Support to help Ash continue & share his research
  • Educational Vedic Astrology - KAS Videos
  • KAS Learning Queries Answered
  • KAS Principles Videos
  • Example KAS Charts Videos
  • KAS Webinars
  • Live Streaming Videos
  • Free Peace of Mind Reading value $150 for those who pledge for a year as appreciation


Amazing way to learn Astrology, Thanks to ash to make a complex subject easy, The software of KAS Is superb.
Madhava krishna D A
yah,exactly what i was looking for, so glad to find this one. looking forward for the next.
Shilpa Mandlik Gorwadia
Perfect Match with my Expectations.
Vishvesh Patel
It is really awesome and information was given neatly with step by step.
Kaushik Sriram

Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Learnt the powerful system of KAS of Vedic Astrology directly under the tutelage of his Guruji who had disclosed the system of KAS to the world.

Multiple Platform

Ash shares his knowledge on KAS and Vedic Astrology on many platforms, such as Patreon, Udemy, YouTube,, and Skillshare. 


Ash devoted 20 years in creating the KAS Program: the only program in the world dedicated on the teachings of his Guruji.


Ash has been learning, practicing, and teaching Astrology internationally for over 20 years.


We try to deliver the reading and reports as soon as possible, usually within 7 days.

Company has providing quality services to its clients since 2004. 

Start your journey with us now


Our Blog

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

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If you want to book a consultation with Ash, you can contact him at: +1 (604) 719 8805