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Hello. My name is Elijah “Ash” Nagawkar and I am a Vedic Astrologer, specializing in the powerful system of KAS for over 20 years now. I was born on the coast of Mumbai and currently live and practice astrology in Vancouver, Canada. My goal is to provide consultation and education to those who seek this knowledge by various means such as reports, readings, YouTube videos, Patreon content, and Udemy courses.

Ash learning from Guru ji (2004)

Astrology Lineage

I met my Guru ji, Shri Jugal Kishore Kalani ji of Satara, India in the year 2000 and since then I have been learning this unique and powerful and ancient system of Vedic Astrology directly from him.  My Guru ji, learnt this unique system from his Guru ji, Shri Brij Gopal Shastri ji from Vidharba and lineage can be traced to the holy Indian city of Kashi (Varanasi).  

This system, the approach and technique of Vedic Astrology using Ashtakavarga & Nadi was kept as a guarded secret in the tradition till my Guru ji decided to disclose this to the world as he did not want this system to be lost in time.  The interesting fact about this system is that due to it being kept a secret and taught only in the lineage it remained in its pristine form and therefore was not adulterated. 

The teaching of my Guru ji was three fold: Firstly, I was taught the theory, then I would program the logic in KAS Program thereby solidifying the understanding of the theory and the computations & math.  Secondly, I was asked to implement my learnings by answering questions,  teaching and solving charts.  Thirdly, If at any point I was stuck and needed guidance, then I would discuss the chart with Guru ji and he would guide me patiently and explain to me the intricacies of this unique system and spirituality as well. 

With the blessings of my Guru ji, I started this website in August 2004 and since then I have been providing teaching & astrological consultations to my clients all over the world.

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Our team.

Minds behind this creation.
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Elijah "Ash" Nagawkar PMP, PMI-ACP, ITIL, OCP, B.E

Founder & Astrologer

Nissim Nagawkar

CTO, Video & Website Editor

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Consultation Process

Understanding the process of booking a reading with Ash

Preliminary Meeting

Once a consultation is booked, Ash will have a conversation with his clients to understand what they are looking for.  He will guide them on the next steps if he feels he can help them. 


Session Confirmation

Based on his preliminary findings he will book and confirm a session time of when he will provide the astrology reading.  He will try his best to provide his reading within 1 week.    


Session Preparation

With the data gathered in the preliminary meeting , Ash will study the birth chart and will contact the client if he requires any further information.  


Vedic Astrology Reading

Ash will conduct the personal reading and share his findings and provide his guidance’s required based on his 20+ years of experience.   


Pricing Table.

Schedule a meeting with Ash : +1 (604) 719 8805

30 min

  • US dollars
  • Specific Question Consultation
  • Follow Up Reading
  • Marriage & Relationship Questions
  • Career and Finance Questions
  • Health Related Questions
Premium Consultation

1 hour

  • US dollars
  • Multiple Question Consultation
  • Natal Birth Chart Reading
  • Marriage & Compatibility Reading
  • Love & Relationship Reading
  • Karmic Footprint
Peace of Mind Report

1 month

  • US Dollars
  • Sade-Sati 7.5 years of Saturn Transit
  • Mars Transit
  • Rahu Transit
  • Ketu Transit
  • Extreme Malefic Transit Highlights
  • Excellent Benefic Transit Highlights
Vedic Astrology - Learn KAS from Ash


  • Platform to learn KAS from Ash
  • Educational Vedic Astrology - KAS Videos
  • KAS Lessons - Podcasts
  • KAS Interactive Learning Sessions with Ash
  • Solving example KAS Charts to demonstrate learning
  • Providing guidance, clarification coaching to further learning in KAS


I have been consulting Ash since 2004 for several personal and professional readings for myself and my family members. Ash has patiently guided me though some very difficult times in giving accurate predictions as to when those periods would come to pass and also prepared me by successfully predicting and preparing me for the challenging times in the future so that I could be prepared. I would recommend Ash to anyone for prediction and most of all, he takes time to explain any questions both technically and in simplistic terms
JD, Virginia - USA
Have known Ash since 2006 and he has been doing my reading since then. Every single reading that Ash has done since then till date has been as what he mentioned in his report. For me what differentiates is that when I speak with Ash in one on one session to discuss the report he explains me in lay mans terms that I understand and it prepares me for what’s to come. As Ash always tells me; one cannot change what’s written but if you know it’s coming you can prepare yourself and you avoid going into the spiral of “Why me”. I completely trust Ash, his knowledge and his advice. He is the most sincere and honest person.
DS, Sydney - Australia
I have consulted Ash on my and my family members’ charts for the last several years, whether it was a detail chart reading, an annual report or a quick question in between. Ash has always provided clarity by his remarkably accurate predictions. I highly recommend him for astrology consultations.
SG, Illinois - USA
I have consulted Ash regarding family issues and difficult times. Ash, patiently guided me and predicted spot on as to when these issues would start to get better. Things started to get better exactly as Ash predicted and I was able to meet my daughter and help support my son overcome some difficult personal issues. As a single mother, I am glad to have come across Ash and I feel happy and would highly recommend Ash to anyone for not only his predictive abilities, but also his emotional quotient and genuine desire to help his clients.
VK, Edmonton, Canada


We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Death the Ultimate Truth - By Ash


During my trip to India in early 2008, to learn KAS from Krushnaji in person, an interesting event took place, which had a lasting impact on me.
While he was teaching me KAS, Krushnaji received a phone call from a young couple who wanted to meet him for a consultation. Krushnaji does not generally entertain personal readings, except in very critical cases and this couple was facing a similar situation, so since he also knew their family, he agreed to see them.
The young couple arrived promptly and put forward the question. I was privileged to be present as Krushnaji invited me to sit in with him and use the Free KAS Program while he solved their query.

1.1. The Question
The couple informed Krushnaji that their father was not well. He had gangrene in the one of the toes on his feet which was then operated on and amputated, however the gangrene had spread anyway. The father had responded well to Homeopathic medication and had undergone an unsuccessful surgery and they were at a crossroad as to which path to take, i.e. to go for another surgery or continue on with the homeopathic treatment. 1.2. The Reply

Please click on the link to read the entire article which is in PDF.
Death the Ultimate Truth - Ash (Elijah Nagawkar)

KAS Study of Job
In today’s uncertain world, a lot of people are worried about their job or their means of income. Income of a person is studied from the 11th house of the chart. The KARAK or…