October 23, 2016

Timing of Job




The world has faced turbulent times since 2000, first there was the .com boom and then bust, after that came a period of long recession followed by the big real estate crash.  Gone were the days when people joined workforce after graduation and then worked their lives in that company and retired from there.  In today’s fast paced world, the nature of jobs are also changing fast and the skills required to achieve that is also changing.  The universities are trying to keep up with this rapid change and so are the companies.

Gone are the days where one joined the workforce and retired from the same company after serving for decades.

Today, job changes have become frequent, and upgrading skill set has become the norm.  Gone also are the days where one studied a professional course or got their degree and that was that.  Today, constant studies and upgrading of skill set at a pace that has never been seen in history.

That said, our Vedic Astrology has remained same and by that I mean, we still have the same 9 Grahas and 12 houses of Rasi and Navamsa and the 16 Divisional charts.

How does one apply this Shastra to the modern times.

Come explore the timing of Job as a live example by downloading this prediction of mine that I did back in 2004.


Timing of obtaining Job – By Ash

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