KAS Study of Job

In today’s uncertain world, a lot of people are worried about their job or their means of income. Income of a person is studied from the 11th house of the chart. The KARAK or the house responsible for that is the 8th house form income which is the 6th house of the chart and that is the job one studies closely for Job or Service or a Legal contract I.e. which a native signs with the employer or a contract that defines the work and the remuneration paid for providing that service provided or Job. We also must consider one more factor which is the health, confidence, knowledge of the native as well inorder to perform the job and this is to be studied from the 1st house. This is known as the Mool-Karak or the Karak of the Karak.

As an analogy we can compare this to a tree.

Fruit or Phal = 11th house (income)

Karak (akin to the Stem of the tree) = 6th house

Mool-Karak (akin to the Roots of the tree) = 1st house

Therefore the status of Mars and Mercury will define the quality and quantum of Income (11th house)

In the natural chart or the Kalpurush chart which is the chart that begins with Aries as the 1st house, the 11th house is Aquarius which is ruled by Saturn and the Karak of 11th house or the income is 6th lord which is the sign Virgo ruled by Mercury and Mool karak is denoted by Aries which is ruled by Mars.

Now lets understand Authority. This is studied from 10th house but the house that is responsible for the status of Authority is the 5th house which is also referred to as House of Crown. In the natural chart the 10th lord is Capricorn and its ruled by Saturn and the KARAK planet responsible for the status of the Authority is natural 5th house which is Leo and is ruled by Sun and Mool Karak is 12th house denoted by Pisces ruled by Jupiter.

Therefore the Quality and Quantum of Status of Authority that the native will enjoy in life will be governed by Sun and Jupiter. If Sun and Jupiter are powerful in the chart and placed in good house and if their Karakansha’s are strong and placed well, the native will enjoy good Authority.

Now lets understand Parakram or Effort. This is denoted by the 3rd house and the house responsible for the status of the parakram or what controls parakram is the 8th house from 3rd house which is 10th house of the chart. The planet that rules the natural 10th house which is Capricorn is Saturn. Therefore one denotes Saturn to hard work. Now, the planet that controls the status of Karak is called the Mool Karak and that is the 8th house from Karak I.e. 8th house from 10th house is 5th house which is Leo and ruled by Sun.

Therefore Saturn and Sun control the status, quality and quantum of parakram or effort of the native. If Saturn and Sun are powerful and placed well and if their Karakansha’s are powerful and do not create any obstructions then the native will enjoy good parakram.

The above are Natural significance of the planets based on Kalpurush chart so Natural Karakatwa. We then have Functional significance which are the the house from the natal chart. The natural strength of the planets give the natural abilities of the native and functional strength which has a higher impact on the native are studied from the Natal chart houses.

These houses remain the same I.e for Job the functional Karak will natal 6th house and the lord that rules the 6th house and mool karak will be the planet that rules the 1st house. Similarly for all houses. These are called Functional Karak and Mool Karak.




KAS Chart of Maqbool Fida Husain


Perfect Prashna Prediction using Vedic Astrology – KAS

Vedic Astrology’s KAS system and its use of powerful Ashtakvaga, KAS Bhav Chalit using KAS Ayanamsa and deep study of the Phal, Karak and Mool Karak and their status provides us a powerful system for judging the result of a question asked.

The question is called “Prashna” in Sanskrit language.

The system of Vedic Astrology – KAS lays the maximum emphasis on the Natal chart, but there are times, when one does not have their birth chart or there is a question lingering in the mind of the querist, so in such cases on can use this system to judge the result of the Prashna or the Question or the query.

Salient Points in Vedic Astrology using KAS for Prashna.

  • The conception of the question is very important rather than the time when the “question” is asked. In KAS we lay emphasis on the conception time.
  • Just as birth chart is valid from the Birth of the Native to the Death of the Native similarly the Prashna Chart is active from the Birth of the Question to the End of the Question.
  • Now its very difficult or borderline impossible to know when the question took birth in the “mind” of the native. There can be a considerable time when the question arose in the mind of the native and then the natives approaches a KAS astrologer and asks the question.
  • For this reason, in Vedic Astrology system of KAS, we ask a number between 1 and 1800. This is the NADI.
  • There are 150 nadis in 1 sign and in 12 signs there are 150 * 12 = 180 Nadi’s. Once the native, meditates on this and when the number comes to mind and is told to the KAS Astrologer, based on that and using the KAS Program, we enter the number and cast the chart using Nadi Prashna.
  • The Nadi number fixes the Lagna and all the 16 Divisional charts.
  • The KAS Bhav Chalit plays an important roles in the judgement of the result of the house and again we are using the Nadi system which Vedic Astrology KAS system has preserved and its detailed calculations.
  • All these calculations which are laborious and time consuming are made available in the KAS Program which is available freely and download information can be obtained from my website of
  • I have provided one such example of how I have solved a prashna asked on an astrology list and how I have solved it in from of over 3000 members.
  • Accurate Prediction using Vedic Astrology – KAS Prashna